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Whether you feel like a light lunch or a 5 course dinner or something in between, you will find good options both in the centrum of Åfjord at Årnes, or in the Stoksund area. Åfjord is well known for its salmon rivers and blue mussel farms, and in our cousine you will find salmon and blue mussels as some of the signature ingredients. Like on our own Åfjord Pizza.

We also see an increase in products based on local produce or made locally, like sausages, honey, chocolate, salt and many other things, and our kitchens use these ingredients with pride to make beautiful dishes.

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Business or pleasure – we have the accomodation to suit your needs.

In the Åfjord area you can find the Fosen Fjord Hotel, or one of the camping sites/fishing lodges like Staven Scandinavian Logde, Langnesodden CampingÅfjord Salmon Camping or Rotnes Farm.

For hunters and skiers Storfjellet Gård, Skansen Gård and Momyrstua offers accomodation for groups of different sizes.

In the Stoksund area you can spend the night in an traditional dock house, Aquarius Brygge, or in modern «subs» at Stokkøya Sjøsenter (picture). If you are a fishing tourist, the Stoksund Seapark or Harbak Gård offers great accomodation, as well as the Vågan Feriegård on the island Linesøya.


Åfjord is known as a little piece of Norway, and we have some beautiful scenery to offer, as well as other attractions.

The road through Ryssdalen and Paulen, the beautiful beach Hosnasand at Stokkøya, and Støvelfossen – the main waterfall in Stordalselva can all be accessed from the main roads.

For «off-road» views and attractions, see Hiking, further down the site.


Our own local festival, that takes place in June every year – this years date is Saturday June 18th.

The centre of Åfjord, Årneset, is filled with activities, culture clubs, local food, music, good offers in the stores and a lot of people in a good mood.



Åfjord has a lot of creative and hardworking people that make a variety of products, ranging from woodworks, local food, bunads (national costume), beauty products, automatic flag hoisting machine, cleaning equipment for salmon farming facilities, souvenirs and many other things.

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Downtown Åfjord has a wide selection of stores, from groceries and wine, to clothes, shoes, sports gear, furniture and interior, arts and crafts, second hand shop, books, banks and farming and gardening.

You can find anything you need close by.


No matter what stage in life you are on, Åfjord has room for you, and we will do our best to welcome you into our society.

We have good kindergardens and schools, a diverse business life, well renowned retirement homes, a wide range of spare time activities and cool events going on through the year.

If you consider moving here or maybe you are looking for a job, don’t be scared to contact us if you need help or have questions.

You can also have a look at the local government web site here. 


Business life in Åfjord consists of many companies and industries.

Åfjord has 3 large construction companies, Stjern AS, Syltern AS and Løkke AS. These companies have departments in carpentry, steel, concrete road and ground works. We also have several smaller companies within the same departments.

Agriculture is a significant industry, producing a lot of milk, beef, mutton, eggs etc. We have also seen an increase of local food producers.

Marine industries like blue mussel farming, salmon farming and fisheries employ many workers and yield high quality produce every year.

Wind power will be a highly significant industry in the years to come, with the largest land based wind power plant in Northern Europe being built from 2016-2020.

Restaurants and tourism employ many people in Åfjord, and present our area and our food in a marvellous way. The sector is key in our work to promote Åfjord as a destination.

Shopping and other services is based mainly in our community centre Årneset. As well as shopping we have hairdressers, beauty salons, etc.

Our Local government consists of several departments based in the town hall; childhood services, healthcare, technical and agriculture, culture and business development.


Åfjord has a proud heritage based on our close relationship with the sea and fisheries. The Åfjord boat (picture) is characteristic for our region, and a direct descendant from the viking ships.

A hundred years ago over a 1000 boats were built every year in Åfjord, and they sailed near and far, fishing. The Åfjord boat has even sailed over the North Atlantic to Iceland.

Two Åfjord boats was built in 2004-2006 and can be seen at the Monstad dock. During the summer season you can book a sailing trip with one of the boats.

The viking burial mounds at Dragseid is worth a visit. Dragseid was a shortcut where they pulled the boats a short stretch over land between the two fjords Åfjord and Skråfjord. It was an important location to be seated in the viking era, the earl controlling the passing had a lot of power.

The clip fish (dried white fish) has been an important export article from Åfjord, and it was sent first to Kristiansund, and then some ended up on the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal) to become the famous bacalao.


Being a miniature piece of Norway, Åfjord is an eldorado for many different outdoor activities.
If you want to experience scenic routes on a bike, enjoy the view from the highest peaks, trail in the woods, explore the sea, visit cross country winter wonderlands, climb giant rocks or catch the biggest fish – Åfjord is the place for you.

Read more about some activities below.


Åfjord is a wonderful place for all sorts of fishing, we have great locations for freshwater, salt water and river fishing.

Many of our accomodation providers also have boats and fishing gear available.

Åfjord is especially famous for its salmon rivers Stordalselva og Norddalselva, which provide very good possibilities for exciting fishing experiences with a good catch.

Just remember that you need fishing cards for fishing in lakes and rivers.


The cold, shallow fjords provide clear water with superb vision, ideal for diving and under water hunting.

The Stoksund area has many locations for diving/hunting. Take a look at this map to see good locations. Location map.


Åfjord has many scenic hiking routes in all parts of the municipality.

You can find the best views at


Sports with a view – how about it?

In Åfjord we have many scenic routes, and the distance and required fitness level vary between them.

Short/easy routes
Viking tour around the Monstad Mountain, stop by the burial mounds at Dragseid (20 km)

The two valleys, take the shortcut from Stordalen til Sørdalen (40 km)
The green island, from Åfjord to Lauvøya and back (40 km)

Miniature Norway – From Årneset (Åfjord centrum) to Linesøya in Stoksund and back (90 km)


Åfjord often get a lot of snow during the winter time, and this means countless ski treks, often prepared by snowmobiles, especially in the Momyr area.

The most famous cross country route is the one to Dåapma, follow the link to a map of the route.


Bouldring, unassisted rock climing, has become more and more popular recent years, and we have one of the best sites in the country here in Åfjord, at Harbak.

You can find a lot of good information here. Bouldering at Harbak.


If you need more information, please feel free to contact or visit us.
Visit: Åfjord Utvikling office in Næringstorget, monday-friday 08.30-15.30

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