Bath all year round in Åfjord

Bath with us, all year round. Feel the feeling of mastery and health kick in a completely raw way!

To bath

Bathing in Åfjord all year round

Åfjord is well equipped for swimming in fresh water, river and sea. We have beautiful beaches and adapted piers with salt water.

Kuringen Bryggehotell has arranged a floating sauna, steam room and hot water hammocks that are lovely to use in combination with a refreshing sea bath.

Together with short-distance dining experiences, warm soothing baths and refreshing dip in the sea, it is also possible to stay overnight or join in yoga for a complete health-promoting experience.

Year-round bathing is not only refreshingly mentally, but also healthy. When bathing, it is important to think about the bathing rules:

1. Learn and swim
2. Never bathe alone
Do not bathe when you are hungry or just after eating
Do not bathe when under the influence of drugs
5. Do not dive without knowing how deep it is
Swim along land and in safe places
7. Do not push others into the water
8. Never submerge anyone else
9. Go ashore if you feel cold and unwell
10. Call for help only if you are in danger, never otherwise
11. Wear an approved life jacket in a boat

Feel free to read positive and critical articles that address why it is good for you to swim all year round.