The seafood industry in Åfjord


The sea’s delicacy of the most delicious ingredients.

Mussels grow and thrive along the coast of Norway where they feed on small planktonic organisms found in the sea. As mussels do not need to be fed which makes the production very environmentally and resource-friendly.

Mussels are a product with a low fat content and high protein content. It is also one of the ocean’s food sources with the highest content of vitamins and minerals. Iron, selenium, B12 and omega 3 are among some we can mention.

Mussels are a plankton-eating species that thrive in temperatures of 1+ – 25+ ideally somewhere in between.

On the Trøndelag coast, there are great growth conditions for mussels. This means that we can produce large quantities of mussels every year.

In Åfjord, we have proud traditions related to the production and serving of mussels. Several restaurants offer mussels in distinctive ways and Norgeskjell has farmed across the sea in places where they thrive.

In the autumn and towards Christmas time, the mussels are exceptionally good. If you have tasted and like mussels, it is recommended to try fresh mussels from Åfjord in the autumn.

Mussels can be used in many shapes and for many a recipe, only the imagination can put a stop.