Sustainable municipality

Åfjord municipality is in the process of becoming a sustainable municipality.


Åfjord as a sustainable destination

The master plan «The whole of Åfjord, all year round» is a long-term strategy for developing the potential of tourism in the entire new Åfjord municipality.

The strategy was prepared through a collaboration between the tourism industry in Åfjord and Åfjord municipality. The master plan aims for Åfjord to achieve the label as a Sustainable Destination by 2023, a labeling scheme developed by Innovation Norway.
Åfjord is therefore working on the project «Åfjord as a sustainable destination» where we will work together to take care of nature, culture and environment, strengthen social values ​​and create tourism companies that are financially viable.

Being labeled as a sustainable destination does not mean that the destination itself is sustainable. But it shows that Åfjord is working to map various points for improvement, and that the destination is in the process of continuous, long-term and systematic work for increased sustainability.

The label for sustainable destinations will serve as a seal of quality for quality-conscious tourists. If we manage to achieve the brand for Sustainable Destination, Åfjord will be the third destination with this brand in Trøndelag, together with Røros and Den Gyldne Omvei.