Work in Åfjord

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Work in Åfjord

The municipality has a strong focus on you experiencing development and so far has several success stories when it comes to establishment and development. We notice that our municipality is an attractive place to build their own business, and create their own everyday life.

There are many great people who have a lot of experience and large contact networks. We care about your success and will therefore help and put you in touch with people who can contribute a lot of useful information.

The world is changing and more people are choosing home offices, which is why we have invested in and established Åfjord CoWorkz, with more office satellites around the municipality. This gives you the opportunity to take your job to Åfjord and build relationships across companies and industries.

Åfjord has several big names in the industry. These have experienced high growth in recent years. We are particularly interested in using the local industrial companies in projects locally. You can read more about the companies and various projects on Åfjord Utvikling’s website.

See vacancies, book office space at Åfjord CoWorkz or contact Åfjord Utvikling with your idea!