Culture in Åfjord

A common interest in putting emotions at the forefront.

Art and culture




Art and culture in Åfjord

Sustainability, nature and strong forces are themes that recur in art you can experience in Åfjord.

See exciting projects that are designed for you and I to think a little extra the next time we see packaging for fruit and vegetables, or how fragile life is even if you can look strong on the outside.

The various projects should be experienced to the highest degree.

Experience art and culture from Åfjord

On unsafe ground

The artists say: We were overwhelmed by the dramatic impact nature has had on this industrial, highly durable material, which was transformed into a materiality that appears soft and malleable, while it is actually rigid and strong. As we see it, these sculptures express both strength and vulnerability at the same time.

Fjell, vann, fjell.

The work 'Fjell Vann Fjell' is a text based on a specific place on Stokkøya, where nature and culture meet, and where the relationship between man and nature is eternally relevant. Right here there are three boxes, which both give access to nature (you can go up and enjoy the view), but which also shade the nature if you drive past by car.

The library in Stoksund

The library in Stoksund is centrally located at the entrance to the childcare center and has a nice room. A friendly and experienced librarian will be happy to help you. The library has offers for all ages, is a good place to be and has a simple self-service solution during unmanned opening hours.

The library in Roan

The library at Roan is on the 2nd floor of the Julie Næss yard. A friendly and experienced librarian will be happy to help you. The department has offers for all ages, is a pleasant place to be and has a self-service solution during unmanned opening hours.


Students from Stokksund nursery school have been working on the topic of plastic, focusing on how much disposable packaging we use at home. The students have brought packaging from home and used these as moulds. The casts (approx. 130 pieces) have now become the art installation "Søppelalderen"

The library in the center of Åfjord

The new main library in Åfjord is located in Å!. Over two floors, you will find offers for children and young people, adults, reading areas and premises for events and exhibitions. Pleasant and experienced library staff will be happy to help you. The library has offers for all ages and is a nice place to be.

Residency on Stokkøya

Project in development. Many elderly people who have had a close relationship with the sea all their lives now live in nursing homes. These people no longer have the close contact with the sea that they previously had. WE therefore want to engage three contemporary artists to create an exhibition format that can connect the elderly with the sea, man's relationship with the sea and today's climate situation.

Cultural school

Åfjord has an active and talented cultural school that offers children and adults training in many different cultural activities. Learn dance, string instruments, piano, wind instruments, singing, theatre, art and much more. Read more on our website about which subjects are offered and how you can sign up!

Finding Kjølna

Our conversations after we got lost in the search for Kjølna, led to more serious conversations about getting lost in today's mass of information. Data we do not understand and cannot necessarily see through. After our long rainy walk, we sat down, emptied our shoes of water, and began to wonder if the cave even existed. The trip inspired us to take a deeper look at myths and rumours, and about information and data processing, facts and miscommunication.


In May 2018, Stokksund Oppvekstsenter conducted a local environment week with a focus on local traditions, culture and work. Dry and rock fish were central, but the students also focused on the ever-increasing problem of littering the sea. The pupils moved out with rubbish bags and courage - and the result became art.


The view that gives peace

We have restaurants close to the sea, mountains and forests. Choose a place to eat that gives you a sense of calm in everyday life. A place to relax.



Enjoy Åfjord’s own songwriters and musicians, or come to a concert to experience some of Norway’s greatest artists.

Music from Åfjord


Memories for life

In Åfjord, memories are created for life. Cohesion across similarities and differences is what creates identity in society. Åfjord is a place composed of many small towns.


History and sights

Architecture in beautiful harmony and preservation of the good old has been important to our providers. See how our local heroes have worked to take care of and develop great sights.

History and sights from Åfjord


The community center at Utro in Roan has preserved an old fishing tradition with a fisherman's home and several old boathouses. It is interesting to see how good construction techniques have been used, as the boathouse at the far end of the headland is built on smooth rock. Here you can walk in history by taking a walk along the Utrostien. It is said that the path offers opportunities for several side jumps.

Åfjordsbåten coastal team

There is a lot of history and strong traditions associated with the Åfjord boat. They have been used for fishing and shipping all the way back to the 18th century.

The Stjern museum

Stjern is a company in Åfjord that was established in 1953. Since then, the company has grown to become a large company which today is divided into 4. The museum is open by appointment and can take you through a lot of exciting history.

The Syltern Museum

Since the 1990s, we have collected several older machines, which in their time laid the foundation for today's operation. Some of the machines were originally owned by the company, while others correspond to machines that were in operation with us through the 1950s and up to the 1980s.

Øyholmen på Linesøya

Øyholmen is an exciting old aircraft radar location from the war. Many gun emplacements and remains of the station still stand here. If you are interested in history and war remains, this is a place that really wants to

Fredmoen Museum

Fredmoen is a salmon fishing museum at Stordalselva in Åfjord. The building was established as a homestead under the vicarage in 1840. In 1900-1980, it was mostly English salmon fishermen who lived here.


The museum barn at Rekstern, Linesøya, is a tribute to the industrious hands. Every year you can experience new exciting tools that were created with simple tools and a lot of patience.