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A village with wide diversity and a heart for inclusion.

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Growing up

Growing up in Åfjord offers unique opportunities, both children and adults can choose from many different activities both organized and by using the environment.

We have many different activities that give each individual the opportunity to find their own identity. Every personality is fully desired in Åfjord when children become adults and have to take root for themselves. Both to work, build your own business or start a family in a safe environment.

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Unity, stress management, nature and tranquility. Yoga and movement in an environment that promotes calm.

To live

Leisure activities in Åfjord

Versatility in growing up is important for both development and social belonging. With us, we have passionate souls who stand up and ensure that we and our children have the opportunity to find out what they enjoy.

Sports such as football and shooting, music branches with song, band and corps, dance and movement. Some are more interested in art and culture. In Åfjord, we have an environment that is happy to get to know you.

Read more about various leisure activities

Tour experiences

The nature in Åfjord has a lot to offer. See an overview of popular trips on to find a trip that suits you and plan based on how long you want to have and what weather suits you.


We have a large, beautiful hall for ball sports where Åfjord IL offers handball from 10 years and upwards to women sr 1.

Fitness group

The fitness group in Åfjord takes you on a trip together with several hiking-loving people to see and experience great hiking opportunities in Åfjord. At the same time, you get the good conversation with other people who share the interest in using nature as an area for exercise. See trips to sign up for at Åfjord IL.

Cross-country skiing

Åfjord has several great ski slopes that are used both for organized activities and privately. Tracks are trodden and maintained throughout the winter as long as there is enough snow.


Gymnastics is a sport that contributes to enormous body control. Åfjord IL offers children from kindergarten age to take part in tours.

Canoe and kayak

Several operators in Åfjord have canoe and kayak rentals! Experience beautiful mountain waters and proximity to the sea in a comfortable way. Bring a lunch, fishing rod and a good mood, there are many possibilities with canoeing and kayaking.


Climbing is a sport that we are proud to offer. You can climb our indoor walls or join an excursion to rumble in the mountains.

Cultural school

Åfjord has an active and talented cultural school that offers children and adults training in many different cultural activities. Learn dance, string instruments, piano, wind instruments, singing, theatre, art and much more. Read more on our website about which subjects are offered and how you can sign up!


We have theater for children right down to 1st grade. Children and young people get to learn different parts of theater through play and expression. Combined with singing, improvisation, text and voice, young people learn to convey a message in a clear way.

Teams and organisations

Here you will find an overview of teams and associations in Åfjord, as well as their contact information.

Top tours in Åfjord

Experience Dåapma on skis, climb to the top of Mælanakk or get a view of the Atlantic as the sun sets in the water. Feel the peace of the forest walking along a river with the pleasant chirping of birds on all sides. Use the trip map and find Åfjord for a great overview of top tours in the municipality.


In your spare time, you can spend time in Åfjord's beautiful nature. It can be used both by bike, boat, skis and your own feet!


Football is relevant for all ages. Åfjord has teams for both adults and children.

Electric floorball

Floorball in a wheelchair.


Cycling is a great activity that you can do together with the cycling group or if you feel like getting some fresh air one day. With a bicycle, you can travel far in a short time and experience a lot of nature just as quickly. It is also possible to rent electric bicycles in Åfjord to get moving with extra traction.

Fosen Aktiv

Fosen Aktiv offers experiences for the whole family. We organize your entire stay at Fosen and often include local food and great overnight stays with unique experiences on everything from E-Bike and Packrafting to climbing and sea fishing. Read more about our experiences.

To live

Active experiences

Enjoy a day at sea. Stretch your toes in the sand. Take a walk in the mountains and experience exciting caves. There are fishing opportunities at sea and in rivers.

Teach children about how sustainability, food production and the world are connected by visiting various visitor farms.